A high-energy, women only, fat–loss class featuring a rotation of free weight stations including deadlifts, squats, chin–ups and sled drags. Train Like Jane is designed to deliver lean and strong bodies in a unique training environment. Weight training is crucial to fat loss – without weight training changes to scale weight largely reflect muscle loss. Train like Jane provides a fun, safe and motivating environment for women to weight train the right way. We don't care about your ability – we care that you come ready to give your best effort. Our instructors make adjustments to each exercise making the class suitable for women of all fitness levels. So come experience a weight training environment that is big on camaraderie and bust though barriers – Unleash your potential – come Train Like Jane.

Online Coaching

  • 12 Month
  • $299 /mo

  • Comprehensive fitness & nutritional assessment

    Custom macro guidelines

    Custom training program

    Supplementation recommendations

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