Variety is an important variable in achieving fitness goals – so we have developed 7 unique group classes designed to provide variety and a motivating environment that perfectly complement personal training sessions and make it easier to achieve your fitness goals. 

Train Like Jane



    • Train Like Jane – Woman's only training
      A high-energy, women only, fat–loss class featuring a rotation of free weight stations including deadlifts, squats, chin–ups and sled drags. Train Like Jane is designed to deliver lean and strong bodies in a unique training environment. Weight training is crucial to fat loss – without weight training changes to scale weight largely reflect muscle loss. Train like Jane provides a fun, safe and motivating environment for women to weight train the right way. We don't care about your ability – we care that you come ready to give your best effort. Our instructors make adjustments to each exercise making the class suitable for women of all fitness levels. So come experience a weight training environment that is big on camaraderie and bust though barriers – Unleash your potential – come Train Like Jane.






    • Primal – Men's only training
      This men's only training program is for guys looking to boost testosterone, build muscle and improve strength. Traditional lifts like the deadlift and squat, chin–ups etc, are paired with flipping tires, sandbags and pushing sleds in a 1–hour training program utilizing relative strength and hypertrophy techniques to unleash your fat loss potential.







    • Stronger – Co-ed training
      Stronger is a Co–ed training class featuring a Modified Strongman Training (MST) program with a emphasis on high intensity lifts and unique equipment pieces. MST exercises including tire flips, sledge–hammer swings, sled sprints and rope battles are just part of this intense class 1-hour training session. MST is so effective, we incorporate its principles into most of our personal training programs and recommend that clients do at least 1–modified strongman training session per week to maximize results. Stronger was designed to provide you with an opportunity to push yourself in a dynamic, exciting and motivating group setting and get the necessary exposure to MST to help you achieve your fat–loss goals.






    • Hardcore Abs – Co-ed
      The "Core" is a recognizable buzz–word in the fitness world. It is most commonly associated with an image rock hard "Abs" but the core involves so much more than just abdominals. The glutes, the lower back and the abdominals are all integral components of a strong and fully functioning core. We incorporate core strengthening techniques into most of our personal training programs and created Hardcore to provide more opportunities for clients to develop their core strength. Hardcore is a 45–minute, co–ed program blending functional yoga, pilates and other mat based exercises in an energetic environment to improve the function and strength of the abs, gluts and lower back – a.k.a. "The Core".



Core Speed




    • CoreSpeed – Co-ed
      A 45 minute small group class designed to improve 3 types of speed; explosive speed, maximal speed, and speed endurance. CoreSpeed incorporates sleds, tires, plyometrics, and other bodyweight exercises at varied tempos and intensities to address areas of weakness experienced by most runners including; lower body strength imbalances, lack of power and inefficient stride. Come turn your weaknesses into strengths and maximize your speed with CoreSpeed.



Core Flex




  • CoreFlex(ibility) – Co-ed
    Finally, a non–yoga based class designed to improve flexibility and range–of–motion for all aspects of weight training and athletic performance. This 45–minute mat based co–ed group class leads you through the "why" and "how" to use traction to stretch the fascia and muscle and provide a remarkable change in flexibility. Not all stretching is created equal – Aggressive or forced stretching can be painful and counter productive, CoreFlex instructs proper breathing and stretch wave technique followed by a combination of traction techniques with the use of partner work, straps, bands and barre's to unlock layers of tissue and decompressing your joints enabling you to run faster, squat deeper and repair faster. This class is a fantastic compliment to ANY strength and conditioning program. Come try it today.

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